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Hailing from the Land of Rising Sun (Japan), TOKYO TRAMPS is on a mission to deliver joy and excitement of true American music, Blues and Rock'n'Roll. American music had a tremendous power to make three Japanese come down here. The musical journey started when Satoru Nakagawa left Japan to go to Louisiana searching for the roots of American music. Soon he found its father, the Blues.  Yukiko Fujii left a very lucrative job in Tokyo and took a giant step following her heart to play music in America. Kosei Fukuyama had a dream of becoming the best drummer. His ambition is to hit the big time in America. These three had a chance to meet in Boston, where American revolution started.  Satoru took its name TRAMPS from his early idol, Bruce Springsteen's song, Born To Run - "Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run." Coming to a foreign land, not having home or families, traveling from place to place searching for the best sounds of America, what else can we do to make our dreams come true except playing for a Rock'n'Roll band?                                                                               

TOKYO TRAMPS won the 18th Annual River City Ohio Blues COmpetition 2010 and proceeded to the International Blues Competition 2011 in Memphis, TN.

TOKYO TRAMPS was a semifinalist for "Boston Blues Challenge" in 2009.

TOKYO TRAMPS was the Runner-up winner of Boston Phoenix / WFNX 2007 BEST MUSIC POLL Local Blues Act Category. TRAMPS also won Indie Artist of the Year from Immie Award 2007.

TOKYO TRAMPS was a semifinalist for "Boston Blues Challenge" in 2004 and 2009. The winner of WMWM 91.7FM radio's Battle of the Bands in 2004.

TOKYO TRAMPS has been playing extensively in New England ~ Tri-State area. Some examples of apperances are:
Massachusetts - Ryles, Harpers Ferry, House of Blues, TT the Bears, Hard Rock Cafe, ChiliHead BBQ, Dodge Street Grill, Lizard Lounge, Abbey Lounge, Plough and Stars, Church, The Sea Note, Asgard, Midway Cafe, Kirkland Cafe, Next Page Cafe, ChitChat Lounge, Roosevelt, and many more!
New York - Kenny's Castaways, Baggot Inn, Blaggards Pub, Lion's Den, The Annex, Alphabet Lounge. New Jersey - the Buffstone's. Pennsylvania - Abilene, Club128, and the Tokio Ballroom. Rhode Island - The call. New Hampshire - the Barley House. ........and many many more!!

Showcase appearance are :  Bignoise showcase (Providence, RI) in February2001, CuttingEdge Music Conference (New Orleans, LA), Midwest Music and Film Festival (Lexington, KY) in August 2002, and Indianapolis Music Conference in November 2003,  Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and Independence Music Conference in Philadelphia, PA  in 2004/2005/2007, North By North East Music Festival in Toronto, ON in June 2006, and NEMO Music Festival in Boston, MA in September 2006. Most recently, Independence Music Festival in Los Angels, CA in 2008.

A few example of TOKYO TRAMPS' appearances in local media are : Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Metronome magazine, Soundcheck Magazine, The Noise Magazine, WAAF, WFNX, 92.5 The River, WMWM 91.7FM, AOTV, WIN-TV, and so on.

Satoru Nakagawa / Vocal, Guitar

Yukiko Fujii / Bass, Vocal

Kosei Fukuyama / Drums, Vocal
Discography: "With These Hands"
12 song CD released on
October 31, 2009

11 songs CD released on September 15, 2008

"Lucky Jive Will Come Home On King's Road""
4 songs CD released on May 17, 2006

"Bound For Glory"
10 songs CD released on June 1, 2003

"Long Way From Home"
7 songs CD released in August 2000

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