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I was born and raised in  a Midwest steel town.  After a couple of weeks “working in the mill”, I met a harp player named Malcolm Gibson and that was that.  Right after I started college I met these old "beats" who filled my head with life "on the road". Off I went with my axe and 20 bucks, bound for everywhere.
    In Chicago, Brownie McGhee told me, "you got a right to sing the blues 'cause you ain't never goin’ home". That was in 1969. Man was he right. Claiming neither place nor stone, I have traveled and worked and played all across the U.S. of A. Back then a few of us decided that the country blues tradition should be preserved. I was enthralled with the cats being "rediscovered", like John Hurt and Lightning, and the renaissance of old country blues.
    While the "original" songs started coming and the guitar developed, I lived in the mountains and on the prairie and all along the gulf coast, always absorbing the music of the heartland. I  lived and performed in Chicago and Denver and Breckenridge and Detroit  and Cincinnati and Dayton and  Dallas and Houston and NYC. The only roots I had were in the blues. With time my style developed. I was taking those traditional country blues roots and writing my own tunes. I call it contemporary country blues. You got to sing about what you know, or it ain’t the blues.                       
    I first came to Austin in the back of a Winnebago with Kenneth Threadgill in the passenger seat. After opening for him at the Rubiat in Dallas he gave me a lift for my gig at Saxon Pub, the original one, opening for Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee in Austin.
    In the back room Sonny and I were pickin’ around  when Brownie walked in. Sonny said “ listen to this boy, that’s the way I want you to play this song”.  I could have crawled under the table. Those guys were always taking jabs at each other. Brownie was gracious though and had me come up to play the tune on stage with Sonny.  My most special memory.
    Later, after becoming a seismic observer for 12 years (the earth was my guitar and dynamite my pick), I came back to Austin on breaks and played at Chicago House. I met a lot of good folks like Jimmie Lafave, and Guy Forsythe. Jimmie called me "a legend in his spare time." Funny. He told me I should move here.   
    When the oilfield crashed, I landed in Austin to drive a cab and play music (just like Harry Chapin). I played the Saxon Pub (the current one) regularly, the Mance Lipscomb tribute at Antones’, every week at the Dam Café with Rex Whitton, and other local clubs. I played with Frumholz, Rusty Weir, Tim Henderson (he told me I should quit my day job), and Leann Atherton. Larry Nye produced my first album, “Good & Ready’.
    Four years and an album later it was off to Nashville, again to drive cab and pitch songs. I made all the songwriters nights, met a lot of songwriters, and learned about the “craft“ of songwriting.  After a couple of years and modicum of success, I succumbed to the perils of the street and became very ill.   
    Upon release from hospital, I went back to the oilfield for a couple of years, but then it crashed again as it is want to do. So I came back to Austin and got a job (not in a cab). Soon, I started playing Ego's once a week for a year and a half, with Larry Eisenberg on stand up bass and Jimi Lee on harp. During that time we opened mostly for Bobby Doyle.
    Time gets away as you age seems like, just trying to survive. I had to slow down some and just do my day job. It happens like that as we get older. I played open mics once in a while, rode out to Luckenbach  and picked sometimes. I finally recorded “Moan My Name”, a second album. I did 2 benefits for the Stroke Foundation in San Antonio. The second one with Vince Bell and  Steve Fromholz.  Talk about inspirational people. Steve and I first met forty years ago. It felt like a full circle.
    Now I am free at last to devote full time to writing, recording and performing. Always said I’d do it. Now is the time. In June, 2009, “ Live @ Hyde Park Bar and Grill” was recorded, with Jimi Lee. Now, new songs are coming and another CD is in the works. Gigs are happenning. That’s my story, so far.
Instrumentation: dale leroy perry, vocals and acoustic guitar. Sometimes with harp player Jimi Lee, sometimes with bass player Larry Eisenberg, sometimes solo.

Discography Live @ Hyde Park Grill.....lp
Moan My Name...............lp
Good @ Ready...............lp
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Music has always been a passion in my life. over the years it has had it's ups and downs. I retired from music for a very long time until things in my life changed and the passion came again. All my guys in the band have been playing professionaly all of their lives and have a lot of passion for their music. we have a large group of friends and family that come and see us. we have a great party every time we play. We play rock-blues-funk-r&b a very different sound from anybody else. Only in Texas will you find a rock blues funk band. All our influences are all the rock, blues, funk bands and musicians of yesterday and today.
Instrumentation: Glenn Bryant - lead guitar and vocals
Richard Wilper- drums
Chuck Bell - bass guitar


Well here tell a bit bout ol' Slick.....born in an unknown region of the swampland, Slick never knew who his real mama was nor his papa. The man who he thought was his papa turned out to be a traveling salesman who had traded a broom for ol' Slick when out on one a his rounds and then instead a selling ma a broom he sold her ol Slick, kinda like a broom but not...well Slick grew up in the ways a the swamp and learned how to talk by the age a 5 and then started on a life long pursuit a truck drivin', fornicatin' and spreddin' lil' slicks all over the place...he raised quite a bit a kin and they all turned out.....well not all good...I mean like outlaws.....but it gave ol' Slick material for some tales and he done wrote those down whilst truck drivin' like a in a bid for cash and retirement he put' em down on a spinnin' object and so's ya'all can hear 'em and so on. Now he is a bit allusive being that he has lawmen about him so ya may not be seein' him in public alot can sure hear him....oh he learned the gitar whilst waitin' in the tree with Daisy May, only problem was in order ta not scare off the gators he had to play with no's hard he says getting used to 'em being on..they get in the way he says...

Instrumentation Slick Black - guitar, vocals
Dr. Babior - drums
Gato - sax, harp
T-Time - bass
Discography Begins:
SwampVoodoo Blues 
Outlaw Man
Tiny's Big Ol' Worl'
New York City Woman 
Atlantic City Bound
Cannibal Soup
Rock 'N' Roll Over Death
Who's This Gerome?
Mexico Bob
Daisy May's Lament

Live at The Grand Ballroom:
Gravely Impotent
Hit Man a Fashion

LIVE Voodoo:
Bloody Kentucky Moonlight
Rendezvous With Rubio
Alien Hairdo


Biography: Keith Thompson, is a professional musician with many years performing experience. He has worked in several bands, and as a solo artist. He has traveled extensively in the UK. and in European countries susch as, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Poland and Norway. Keith and his band Strange Brew now have four albums on release in Europe on the Swiss label "Brambus". They started touring after signing to the label back in 1998.

Keith’s musical journey began way before however. He first started playing guitar aged 5! By the time he was 8 he won first prize at a Butlin’s holiday camp talent show playing Beatle tunes. The British blues boom of the 60's produced great guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Peter Green. It was this music alongside popular songwriters like The Beatles, The Stones, and John Martyn and later the British Blues/Rock pioneers Free, Led Zeppelin etc. that Keith grew up listening to. He was 14 when he first started working the pubs and clubs playing mostly covers of these great artists. Soaking in the experience and further influences like, Rory Gallagher & Gary Moore, Keith started to develop his own material. His band, “Poacher Brown” while still teenagers in pre punk 70’s toured Germany, playing 6 nights a week, playing 5, 45 minute sets a night! That was Keith’s first full-time professional stint and it changed his life. This was the same Hamburg culture on which the Beatles cut their musical teeth. He came back in 1978 and joined forces with another local guitarist Mick (Wurzel) Burston (later of Motorhead). This band, “Bunter” started receiving glowing reviews in the national music press.
Keith carried on writing and recording. Working as a session guitarist he has added his skills to various projects including, work on the soundtrack for the best selling computer games. He has released a lot of incidental music for television programs and soundtrack projects and he has sold over 100,000 albums.  As a songwriter he has also gained recognition. A few years ago he was voted “Songwriter Of The Year” in Six Counties. He has added his skills on stage or in recordings to projects by Spooky Tooth, Mike D’Abo, Steve Winwood, Ruby Turner, Larry Burton (Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker) Dave Markee and Henry Spinetti (Eric Clapton Band and Tina Turner) Greg Ridley of Humble Pie, Robbie Blunt (Robert Plant) Luther Grosvenor of Mott The Hoople and many others.

The band has been consistently performing in mainland Europe where they are well known to the large blues following as an exciting live band. They have headlined several European Festivals and last year they headlined the British stage of Colne’s “Great British R&B Festival”.

Between the members of the band they have played with the likes of Mick Jagger, Roy Wood, Steve Winwood, Ruby Turner, Peter Green and others. Check out the web-site for details.

Instrumentation: Keith Thompson - Lead Vocals - Guitar
Neil Simpson - Bass Guitar
Roy Adams - Drums
Discography: 1) Independence
2) Strange Brew
3) Out Of The Smoke
4) Steel Strings & Bruised Reed


"Singer/songwriter and guitarist Jarrett Fenlon possesses an easy-breezy sonic signature and youthful vocal style that belie his favor for such experienced tastemakers as Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison......"Sprung" boasts sprinklings of jazz, blues, folk and country...and makes a nice souvenir for fans of the act's live enterprise. Truly, it plays out like a front-row ticket." ~Billboard Discoveries,

The start of Jarrett Fenlon's musical career can be traced back to his early years when he used to sing along to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison and Eric Clapton while riding in the car. These artists and many others can be identified as influences in the songs that he writes to this very day.

Trained in saxophone, clarinet, piano and drums prior to picking up a guitar in his teenage years Jarrett possessed a solid musical foundation prior to beginning his songwriting career. His lyrics speak of everything from lost love to bad whiskey and appeal to people from all walks of life. Anyone who gives this artist half a listen soon find themselves singing along in no time.

Over the past couple of years Jarrett has performed live along with his band at several historical venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With the support of several SF Bay area musical veterans/legends Jarrett has the necessary backing to croon out his soulful ballads and foot stomping blues tunes without missing a proverbial beat. He has also performed as a solo artist up and down the West Coast of the U.S. at dozens of small and medium-sized venues.

His sophomore album "Sprung" intertwines elements of country, jazz and pop while at the same time paying proper homage to his blues roots. It was produced/arranged by Steve Kirk who's credits include the composition/production/arrangement of the soundtracks of several well-known video games including Facebook's "Farmville" and Disney's "The Princess & The Frog."

Jarrett graduated from UC Berkeley in with a Bachelor's in Political Science. While attending Cal he walked-on to the Varsity Football team.

Vocals & Guitar: Jarrett Fenlon
Lead Guitar, Mandolin: Steve Kirk
Bass: Dave Jess
Drums: Robin Roth
Keyboard: Casey Filson
Harmonica: Butch Fenlon
Trumpet: Chris Grady
Trombone: Jeanne Geiger
Saxophone: Sheldon Brown

Discography Sprung 2010
Love Slave
Love a Little Bit
From the First Moment
Mean Ol' Woman
True Love

Blues & Soul 2006
Love Makes Me Cry
Hey Lady
Workin' Man Blues
When We Are Young
Old Crow Blues
Love You For Awhile
La La La
I'm Not the Man You Need
You Lied



2009 Asbury Music Top Female Vocalist
A sophisticated cocktail of sound fusing jazz , blues, and country with a splash of Motown and a whole lotta soul!
What are others saying about Eryn Shewell and 4th & Broadway?
“3.5 stars out of 4 - Eryn’s latest record is like a time machine that gracefully glides between two worlds and creates an utterly timeless experience that will grow on you with each and every listen." Gary Wein – Music Journalist (USA)
A recent press article described Eryn as having "the power to woo audiences into an amused silence", with a seductive range changing voice,,," "...bending and moving to the music, especially in tunes where her voice trails off in jam band moments of pleasant belting-meets-screaming...when songs later her voice is soft as butter and seems to roll off and melt into the air around you." Lisa Rich, Backbeat (USA)
“I genuinely cannot believe this great musical talent is not signed to a major record label. Are they deaf or just plain stupid? Eryn is light years ahead of so many of the signed artists out there.” - Tom Evans, Palreviews (UK)

“…the fusion of genres is this CD's greatest strength. The songs Eryn writes are so strong that they transcend the standard blues, jazz and soul we hear so often and Eryn always adds something of her very own. The songs get better every time you listen…”  Ron Bervoets, Rootstime (Belgium)
4th & Broadway, Eryn Shewell's sophomore album released January 2, 2009, which has already received rave reviews both locally and in the UK and Europe, continues to showcase her ability to create music that is an inviting fusion of genres blending blues, soul, country and pop into a unique yet somehow comfortable and familiar sound.
Eryn began performing her original music in 2007, and now tours and performs nationally showcasing her original compositions with a few of her favorite cover songs thrown in for fun.  Eryn has performed at legendary venues including the Stone Pony, The Cutting Room, Bluebird Café, and, Six Flags theme parks, as well as popular clubs from Nashville to NJ and New Orleans to NY winning over the crowds with the power and sweet sound of her voice.

2009 Semi-Finalist - Songwars Songwriting Competition
2009 Top Ten Finalist - 100% Music Songwriting Competition
2009 Honorable Mention - Gary Allen Music City Song Competition
2009 Honorable Mention - BillBoard World Song Competition
2009 Asbury Park Top Female Vocalist
2009 International Blues Competition – Regional Finalist

• The BlueBird Café – Nashville, TN
• The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ
• The Cutting Room – NYC, NY
• World Café Live – Philadelphia, PA
• The Bitter End – NYC, NY
• Kenny’s Castaways - NYC, NY
• The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ
• Café Coco – Nashville, TN
• The Beer Seller – Nashville, TN
• Small World Coffee – Princeton, NJ
• Dexters – Riverdale, NJ
• Havana – New Hope, PA
• The Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
• Twisted Tree Café – Asbury Park, NJ
• KatManDu – Trenton, NJ
• The French Quarter – Nashville, TN
• Fat Baby – NYC, NY
• Fergies – Philadelphia, PA
• The Downtown – Red Bank, NJ
• The Whiskey Bar – Hoboken, NJ
• Blu Bar – Nashville, TN
• The National Underground – NYC, NY
• Bar Anticipation – Lake Como, NJ
• Get the Word Out Showcase – Philadelphia, PA
• Emerald City – Philadelphia, PA
• Orange County Fair – Middletown, NY
• Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ
• Musikfest - Bethlehem,  PA
• Friends of the Forgotten Rally – Penns Landing, PA
• Hoboken International Film Festival - Hoboken, NJ
• Hudson Valley Renegades Stadium – Wappinger Falls, NY
• Wave Gathering – Asbury Park, NJ
• Seaside Music Festival – Seaside, NJ
• Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival – Red Bank, NJ
• Autumn Lights Festival – West Milford, NJ
• Provincetown Rocks – The Festival 09, MA
• Asbury Music Awards Show – Asbury Park, NJ
• FM 102x Song of the Day
• Taste of Triple A CD – February 09, March 09, February 2010
• Tim Qualls Show – Comcast Cable
• Poughkeepsie Live – Time Warner Cable  – February 09
and many more across the country...

Instrumentation Eryn Shewell: (Lead vocals, Guitar, Songwriter)
Pat Ruh: (Lead guitar, songwriter)
Tanya Peterson: (Backing vocals, Viola)
Arne Wendt: (Keys)


The original fun-loving, soul-searching, good days, rough times sound of Storybook Road is a blend of Indie, Blues and Acoustic. There is no better form of expression than through art, and this art form demonstrates the passion and deep rooted feelings this band brings to life. This talented Chicago-based group showcases their strength of character and composition with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, cello, harmonica, drums, and percussion. The creative driving force has been gaining momentum with no end in sight. Both love and passion have been captured on Storybook Road's recordings with the release of their album, Eastbound 80.

Need a visual? Please visit the Storybook Road YouTube Channel at: www.

Joe Armani - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Eric Rickards - Guitar, Bass, Cello, Vocals
Ryan Behling - Keys, Bass, Vocals
Rob Davis - Drums, Percussion
Discography Eastbound 80 (LP) 2010 Links