Monday, 19 April 2010


Well here tell a bit bout ol' Slick.....born in an unknown region of the swampland, Slick never knew who his real mama was nor his papa. The man who he thought was his papa turned out to be a traveling salesman who had traded a broom for ol' Slick when out on one a his rounds and then instead a selling ma a broom he sold her ol Slick, kinda like a broom but not...well Slick grew up in the ways a the swamp and learned how to talk by the age a 5 and then started on a life long pursuit a truck drivin', fornicatin' and spreddin' lil' slicks all over the place...he raised quite a bit a kin and they all turned out.....well not all good...I mean like outlaws.....but it gave ol' Slick material for some tales and he done wrote those down whilst truck drivin' like a in a bid for cash and retirement he put' em down on a spinnin' object and so's ya'all can hear 'em and so on. Now he is a bit allusive being that he has lawmen about him so ya may not be seein' him in public alot can sure hear him....oh he learned the gitar whilst waitin' in the tree with Daisy May, only problem was in order ta not scare off the gators he had to play with no's hard he says getting used to 'em being on..they get in the way he says...

Instrumentation Slick Black - guitar, vocals
Dr. Babior - drums
Gato - sax, harp
T-Time - bass
Discography Begins:
SwampVoodoo Blues 
Outlaw Man
Tiny's Big Ol' Worl'
New York City Woman 
Atlantic City Bound
Cannibal Soup
Rock 'N' Roll Over Death
Who's This Gerome?
Mexico Bob
Daisy May's Lament

Live at The Grand Ballroom:
Gravely Impotent
Hit Man a Fashion

LIVE Voodoo:
Bloody Kentucky Moonlight
Rendezvous With Rubio
Alien Hairdo

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